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€ 18,999

Key Features of the Swift Hybrid

The New Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL+ Manual Hybrid, designed to drive the heart. A car that stirs the emotions, with standout character articulated through styling and colour. Conformable and unbinding. Welcome to a daily urge to get behind the wheel and to an exciting car experience that knows no end. In every possible way, the Swift “UPLIFTS”. What counts is being able to express the Swift’s essence of being “made to drive”. An overwhelming presence generated by a low, short and wide stance. The manifestation of overflowing dynamism and muscular lines. Styling that creates a sensation of movement, even at rest, accelerates the driver’s emotions.

Once seated, the impulse to take off immediately begins to well up inside, thanks to a meticulously implemented “driver first” design. The racecar-like, D-shaped steering wheel, front seats that firmly hold, and a centre console angled toward the driver helps curate a more-sporty, higher-quality environment that unifies car and driver. Quick and expansive acceleration. Cornering performance that lets you keep to your intended course. The Swift has been reborn with attention paid to every detail of its powertrain and platform for the further evolution of driving that lets the driver feel at one with the car and be in full control. Advanced technologies have been adopted without reserve, even in places beyond the view of the driver


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 Malta,  Malta, Mitsubishi Swift Hybrid Malta, Suzuki Motors Malta

Swift Hybrid

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 Malta,  Malta, Suzuki Motors Malta

Swift Hybrid

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