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€ 20,300 (Hybrid)

Key Features of the Ignis Hybrid

The Suzuki Ignis 1.2 GL Manual Hybrid is a crossover that combines a simple, stylish exterior with versatile functionality. The lines of its compact, easy to drive body characterises its personality to increase its presence. The IGNIS stirs your senses, hinting the start of something special.

Compact and swift, the IGNIS is easy to manoeuvre through narrow city streets, everday spent with the IGNIS will give continuous comfort and ease. Excellent driving performance that shines in every situation gives you an exciting ride to your destination.

The IGNIS's refined design suits formal as well as casual settings. Heading out in the new IGNIS will make you confident and bold for your special day out. The IGNIS ALLGRIP AUTO gives you the freedom to keep driving, unaffected by sudden changes in road surfaces and weather conditions. With its simple and iconic design, and functions for a pleasant driving experience, the cockpit offers double the fun. Clever fuel-efficiency technology helps conserve gasoline for exceptionally economical driving whilst making full use of advanced safety technology to bring you peace of mind to your everyday driving.

Customise your IGNIS with your choice of accessories to open up a whole new world of hobbies. With its strong character, the IGNIS enables you to live your own personal car life and lets you make the most of your precious and satisfying personal moments.

Stirring the senses, the IGNIS opens up dramatic new tomorrows.


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 Malta,  Malta, Mitsubishi Ignis Hybrid Malta, Suzuki Motors Malta

Ignis Hybrid

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 Malta,  Malta, Suzuki Motors Malta

Ignis Hybrid

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